Do I need to register to send large files?
Absolutely not, in fact you can't register because we don't have this facility. You can use SendGB 100% free without registration for life, Guaranteed.
Which file formats can be shared?
All known file formats are supported. You can send all file types.
What's the file size limit to transfer?
You can upload up to 5 GB per file.
Can I share folders?
If you want to upload a whole folder, it is not directly possible due to current web browser limitations. The way to get around this is to compress (zip) the folder and add files as zip.
How can I upload files?
Click "Add File(s)" button to select the file that you want to share, or just drag and drop your file anywhere on upload page to start sending.
How many people can I send files to?
You can send files to up to 20 people per transfer.
How many times can I upload?
You can make unlimited transfers per day. No transfer limit.
How long are my files kept?
Your files are stored on the server for 90 days, depending on your preference. Due to data privacy, data subject to expiration date will be automatically deleted.

Once a file has expired, it is automatically removed from our servers. Unfortunately once a file has been removed, there is no way of retrieving it back.
Can I recover a deleted file?
No, once the file is removed it's completely gone, no logs or records are kept and the only way it can come back is if it's uploaded again.
Why the uploading speed is slow?
There are many factors which affect upload speed. These can include your computer, network, router, your ISP traffic and our server load.
Can I protect my file with password?
You can add password protection to every transfer to enjoy enhanced security. If you would like to utilize this option, make sure that all of your recipients are aware of the password because they will not be able download the data without it.
Do i need to install software to upload/download files?
Our service is accessible directly from your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari...) without any software installation or application requirements.
Which browser can I use?
SendGB has been developed and tested to work with most web browsers. SendGB would highly recommend you use the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.
Why does the upload or download do not run as expected?
SendGB is compatible with all browsers.We would recommend updating your web browser to the most up to date.
Can't open the downloaded file. What can I do?
Your Files will are compressed as .Zip file format on the server during the attaching process. Zip files will have the extension .zip, which can be opened by a windows or WinZip. You can download the free Zip Program.
Will Sendgb send any notification downloading my files?
Yes, SendGB sends email notifications for uploading, downloading and deleting…
Why the recipient can not get an email?
If the recipient has not received an email as notification. The recipient can check their spam or junk folder. Sometimes, email will end up in one of these folders.
Will the recipients see the email addresses I sent the file to?
Each email is sent separately. It is just like using BCC function in an email.
How can i delete my upload?
There is no facility to delete an uploaded file. But don'y worry if you select "Destruct the file" in options menu. The upload will destruct itself after all the recipients have downloaded the file.
I can't find downloaded files. Where are they?
Your file will store in your computer's Downloads folder. This can be changed (for Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, and Safari). If you still do not find, use the search function on your computer.
Who are you?
SendGB is developed by a group of developers. SendGB is a company registered in Estonia. SendGB OÜ is our official company name.

Our registered address: Telliskivi tn 57, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa, Harju maakond, 10412, Tallinn, Estonia
Where are SendGB Servers?
Our servers are located in France. We use Scaleway Datacenter servers which are one of the biggest datacenter in Europe.
Scaleway Datacenter is operated by Online SAS. The Tier III featured company has ISO 27001, 50001 certificates.
Do you use cookies?
We use cookies to improve the user interface (email address auto-complete, language etc.) Also, we use the statistical application Google Analytics, which uses it own cookies
Do you store information about users?
We store little information about users (email, ip, language and Web browser). This information is used for security purposes and to enable us to make statistics about our users and improve our services.
Do you use my information?
We do not sell and do not distribute information of our users to third parties. We only use your information to improve our services.
Do I have to pay to sending files?
SendGB is totally free.No needed payment for sending files up to 5 GB.
How can I contribute to SendGB?
SendGB is a totally free file transfer service. We always need the support of our users. You can share SendGB with your friends. You can also hear SendGB via social media. We can support your social responsibility project with your contribution.

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