Send large files up to 4GB...


Just add files and start file sharing. No sign up related hassle is involved.


Multiple threads and high bandwidth servers allow you to transfer your files as fast as possible.


All transfers are done over an encrypted line. Password protect files to keep them safe.


Send bIg files up to 4GB for free

With Sendgb, anyone can securely upload, send and share large files up to 4GB for free. Users can send large attachments via email or create short links to share easily. Users can transfer big files such as documents, photos, HD videos and more...

You can transfer files by selecting your files or drag and drop. You can send files to anywhere in the world with SendGB, which offers 10 languages.


No membershIp & Free

You do not have to be a member to share files! Fast file transfer without losing time with membership.

SendGB is a completely free file upload site

SendGB does not let you down on large file sharing. If your internet connection is disconnected while you are uploading files, the upload will continue as soon as your connection comes. Thus your large file uploads will not be canceled due to the interrupted internet connection.

You can also stop the process if you want to upload the file and then let it continue from where you left off.

An important feature that distinguishes SendGB from its competitors is the fact that you complete your transaction in large file transfers. If the computer you are using runs out of charge or if you have to interrupt the transfer immediately. When you add the files you want to upload, your process will resume where you left off.

Easy sending from all devices.

With SendGB you can send files quickly with your desktop or mobile devices. There is no need to download the application. All you have to do is to enter on your desktop or mobile device (mobile phone or tablet). Do not waste any time to download and install the program or application.



SendGB gives you secure sharing without members. You can specify a password when sending files. Thus, when downloading the opposite party file, you can download it by typing the password you specify. Easy, fast and safe.



The difference of SendGB is not just fast, easy file transfer. Supporting social responsibility projects at the same time. Using SendGB, you can make sure that social campaigns in the background reach more people.

We are assertive with our speed. It should be as fast as easy to send large files. That's why we constantly invest in infrastructure. By providing fast file transfer, we save our users time.